Here’s how our latest success story with our client came to be. They decided to strategically recruit an overseas digital marketing manager through digital marketing recruitment agencies. Witness how their hiring process went and how they saved more than 50k in overhead costs while significantly growing their business.

The Client:

 Our client, an old-school construction consultancy firm, decided to finally embrace the wonders of digital marketing. With a bold vision for expansion and a commitment to innovation, they decided to first hire a Digital Marketing Manager capable of building and leading their digital marketing team and transforming the online presence of the business.

The Challenge:

The client sought a cost-effective solution to the challenge of revamping their digital marketing efforts while adhering to budget constraints. They required a Digital Marketing Manager who could implement effective local SEO and social media campaigns and work on building an efficient and effective team.

Their requirements  summarized as previous experience in the construction industry, managerial capabilities, and expertise in local SEO and social media campaigns.

The Solution:

Partnering with Bionic Talent, a premier digital marketing recruitment agency, the client asked us to recruit a digital marketing manager strategically. By accessing our expansive network and recruitment expertise, we devised a tailored solution aligned with the client’s needs.

Our focus was on sourcing candidates with a background in the construction industry, proven managerial skills, and a track record of success in implementing local SEO and social media campaigns. We prioritized regions with favorable cost structures to ensure a cost-effective yet high-quality talent acquisition process.

Meet the Candidate:

Enter Okoye from South Africa; the accomplished Digital Marketing Manager selected to spearhead the marketing efforts of the construction firm. With a proven track record in local SEO and social media campaigns, Okoye brings invaluable expertise.

Her responsibilities include:

  • The newly appointed Digital Marketing Manager plays a pivotal role in transforming the construction firm’s marketing strategies.
  • Okoye’s expertise in local SEO enhances the firm’s visibility in the target market.
  • Their effective social media campaigns drive engagement and brand awareness for the firm.
  • The Digital Marketing Manager is tasked with making further hires to build a marketing team of 2-4 individuals.
  • Their leadership and strategic vision will be instrumental in assembling a high-performing team capable of executing the firm’s marketing initiatives.

In the two months Okoye has worked with the firm, she has hired two employees for local SEO efforts and social media management. The company has witnessed almost a 50% increase in local reach and lead conversion in just those two months.

The Cost:

While the average salary for a Digital Marketing Manager in the US can reach $75,000 annually, the client secured Okoye’s expertise at a remarkable cost of $2,200 monthly. This significant reduction in hiring costs underscores our commitment to maximizing value while minimizing expenditure.

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