Who we are
Dana Johnson Accountant

Hello, we’re Bionic Talent.

With 13+ years of experience in remote work and team building, we understand what it takes to have a successful – and cost-effective overseas remote team.

Our proven approach is a smart way for companies looking for access to a global workforce. The use of a global workforce allows savvy entrepreneurs to save on operating costs by hiring remotely.

Our Mission

Our Mission

We help our clients scale by utilizing remote overseas talent.

It’s our mission to create a service where anyone running a small to medium-sized business can hire an individual remote worker or a team of remote workers with confidence. We assist companies in identifying areas of their operations that can be effectively outsourced and offer bespoke staffing solutions where your organization needs it the most.

The reliability and effectiveness of the outsourcing process are often questioned. That’s why our team of experts will be there for you every step of the process – from the initial requirements assessment to onboarding and compliance.

Our Values.

We are a small group of passionate recruiters who want to change how hiring is done. We want to democratize overseas talent and help founders and businesses scale by utilizing a global workforce while helping talented individuals across the globe work with companies that value them.

We are Builders

We love hard problems and believe in the indomitable power of people’s ability to create a better world through ingenuity and resourcefulness. We reject the “can’t be done” and believe bold ideas and fearless iteration can resolve the most challenging problems for our customers and the world they operate in.

We are Owners

We take accountability and see things through. We take the long view, sweat the details, and think about how our work improves Bionic Talent daily. We recognize that we and others do our best work when we feel both empowered and accountable for outcomes.

We are Curious

We see ourselves as works in progress. We know that we don’t have all the answers, humbly seek the truth, and strive to get better every day. As individuals, as a company, and in our products, we seek continual progress over perfection and acknowledge shortcomings. Progress comes not from avoiding mistakes or hard truths but in learning from them.


We are Positrons

A positron is a positively charged electron. We are genuinely excited to serve and help others. We believe that positive energy is contagious and caring is critical. We seek to be bright spots for the people around us in every interaction, and we stand up and work for what we believe is good and right for our customers, our company, our communities, and the world at large.

Download Our Overseas Salary Guide

As they say, the proof is in the pudding. We have invested hundreds of hours in researching this guide and utilizing our past hiring data to bring you the most comprehensive outlook of our core hiring locations with comparisons on how much you can save by hiring overseas talent with Bionic Talent.
We have covered the following countries in the guide: the USA, Philippines, Pakistan, South Africa, Kenya. We continue to add more as our global presence expands.
We have covered the following positions in the guide:

  • Social Media Specialists
  • SEO Specialists
  • Graphic Designers
  • Digital Marketing Specialists
  • Wordpress Specialists
  • Paid Ads Specialists
  • Agency Operations Specialists

More positions get added to the guide regularly

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Why choose Bionic Talent?

Why going with Bionic Talent gives you the peace of mind that you have a recruiter that’s playing for you, not for their own profits.

  • Headhunting team based in all countries we hire from

  • Database of over 10,000 vetted candidates

  • One time 30% fee for first year’s salary

  • You directly work with the candidate once hired

  • No premiums or any extra fees on top of the salary

  • As we don’t do placements, we aren’t looking to shove whoever we have on staff to you, we make sure we hire the best person for you

  • No contracts or commitments

  • Work as an extension to your team, hiring for you and recruiting talent for you

  • 60 Days Guarantee, if you don’t like the candidate we will repeat the hiring process for FREE

Other Recruitment Agencies

  • No local presence in overseas locations, relying only on Linkedin
  • No readily available database

  • Ongoing fees and premiums

  • With placements you work with the agency rather than the candidate directly

  • Placement fees and premiums in most cases are double the salary

  • Placement agencies have candidates on staff that they want to place, so you rarely get who is best for you

  • Lengthy contracts and commitments

  • Hiring to bring the cheapest staff on their payroll and then 5x their salary to the client

  • No guarantees

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