Explore the journey of a prominent dental marketing agency in the US as they revolutionized their appointment-setting operations with the strategic hiring of Jessie, an accomplished professional from Argentina. 

Witness how this decision not only elevated their client engagement but also brought significant cost savings and amplified efficiency in their operations.

The Client:

Our client, a leading dental marketing agency headquartered in the United States, identified a crucial need to streamline their appointment-setting processes to optimize client acquisition and satisfaction. 

Specializing in providing tailored marketing solutions for dental practices nationwide, they recognized the pivotal role of an adept appointment setter in ensuring seamless client interactions and bolstering business growth.

The Challenge:

In their pursuit of excellence, the client encountered the challenge of securing an effective and efficient appointment setter who could manage their client appointment schedules but wanted to remain within a small budget. 

They sought an individual with a comprehensive understanding of the dental industry protocols, excellent communication skills, and a commitment to delivering exceptional service to both clients and internal stakeholders.

The Solution:

Collaborating with international marketing recruitment agencies, the client embarked on a strategic quest to identify a candidate who could fulfill their appointment-setting requirements while aligning with their organizational culture and values. 

Through a meticulous screening process and leveraging our extensive network, Bionic Tlanet pinpointed Jessie, a seasoned appointment setter based in Argentina, whose expertise and background perfectly matched the client’s needs.

Meet the Candidate:

Introducing Jessie, the talented and seasoned appointment setter selected to spearhead the client’s appointment-setting endeavors. Coming from Argentina, Jessie brings experience and understanding of the dental industry along with proficiency in managing appointment schedules and conducting client acquisition efforts.

Jessie’s Responsibilities Include:

Efficiently managing the client’s appointment schedules, Jessie plays a pivotal role in ensuring timely and seamless interactions between clients and the agency.

  • Her exceptional communication skills and attention to detail enable her to provide personalized assistance to clients, thereby enhancing their overall experience.
  • Jessie collaborates closely with internal teams to optimize scheduling processes and streamline communication channels, fostering a cohesive and efficient workflow.
  • Since joining the agency, Jessie’s contributions have resulted in a significant improvement in appointment management efficiency, leading to enhanced client satisfaction and retention rates.

The Cost:

While the average salary for an appointment setter in the US can exceed $62,000 annually, the client secured Jessie’s expertise at a fraction of the cost, with a monthly compensation of $900.  This is more than an 80% budget cut and had our client both impressed and happy. 

This substantial reduction in hiring expenses underscores the client’s commitment to maximizing value without compromising on quality.

Unlocking Global Talent:

Are you ready to elevate your appointment-setting operations and drive unparalleled success in client engagement? Contact us today to explore how our outsource recruitment services can connect you with top-tier talent from around the world and help transform your business. 

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