Note: The following case study reflects actual events, with sensitive details anonymized to preserve confidentiality.

Discover the journey of our client- a dental practice that revolutionized its growth trajectory by recruiting a Social Media Marketing Specialist from Peru. The partnered with us- Bionic Talent, a leading marketing recruitment agency dedicated to finding you highly skilled individuals across the globe at 70% less cost.

The Client

Our client, an up and coming dental practice, approached us with a clear goal: to amplify its online presence and accelerate business growth through targeted social media marketing efforts. The forward thinking clients were quite aware of the power of social media and wanted to build their platform based on the latest social media trends and target the young adult market. Aware of budget constraints, the client aimed to secure top-tier talent at a fraction of the typical hiring cost.

The Challenge

The dental practice faced a common yet critical challenge: to leverage social media marketing for rapid expansion and brand recognition while ensuring cost efficiency in talent acquisition. Balancing quality and affordability was paramount to their success. However, their requirement was more than someone who could ‘handle’ social media. They wanted someone who could stay ahead of all the social media and marketing trends and keep up with the incrediubly high-paced viral trends on the social media.

The Solution

Opting to partner with Bionic Talent, the client discussed their requirements with us in detail answer closely collaborated in confirming a job description. Right away, we began hunting through our talent pool and actively approached candidates with the potential to keep up with the world of social media. We focusied on identifying a candidate with a proven track record in social media marketing within the healthcare sector, while also ensuring the candidate themselves had an active social media life.

Our mission was clear: to pinpoint a candidate capable of driving exceptional growth while marekting the specific niche of dental care to a larger audience.

Meet Amelia: An Influencer in The Making and an Experienced Social Media Expert

Enter Sarah, our selected candidate from Peru, whose expertise perfectly aligns with the client’s objectives. With a robust background in healthcare-focused social media marketing, Sarah emerged as the ideal candidate to spearhead the dental practice’s online growth initiatives. Notably, Sarah has successfully scaled social media presence for multiple healthcare facilities, demonstrating her proficiency in the field.

Sarah’s Role in the Practice

As the Social Media Marketing Specialist, Sarah plays a pivotal role in elevating the practice’s digital footprint, with key responsibilities including:

  • Sarah curates engaging content tailored to the practice’s target audience, highlighting its services and fostering community engagement.
  • Leveraging her expertise, Sarah designs and executes targeted social media campaigns to drive brand awareness and patient acquisition.
  • Monitors campaign metrics closely, leveraging data-driven insights to refine strategies and maximize ROI.
  • Working closely with the practice’s team, Sarah ensures alignment between social media initiatives and overall business objectives, fostering a cohesive marketing strategy.
  • She actively keeps up with viral social media trends, ensuring involvement of the on-site team and has gained a large poercentile of following within the targeted market.

The Cost

While the average salary for a Social Media Marketing Specialist in the dental industry is approximately $60,000 per year, the dental practice secured Sarah’s services at a remarkable cost of $1,800 per month. This represents a staggering 70% reduction in hiring costs compared to traditional recruitment methods.

This innovative approach not only addressed the client’s growth aspirations but also revolutionized their cost structure, underscoring the value and ingenuity that Bionic Talent brings to the recruitment process.

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