Explore the success story of a digital marketing agency that transformed its project efficiency through recruitment outsourcing. Discover how the agency hired a Marketing Lead at an unprecedented cost and achieved remarkable improvements in project performance.

The Client

Our client, an innovative and quickly growing digital marketing agency, was looking to expand their marketing team, after onboarding 3 major clients. They sought to elevate their project management capabilities to meet growing client demands. With a focus on optimizing efficiency and productivity, the agency decided to recruit a talented marketing lead as the first step.

The Challenge

The agency faced the challenge of finding a highly skilled marketing lead who could drive project efficiency without exceeding budgetary constraints. As a relatively young setup, they did not want to expand their budget largely just after landing new clients. Balancing quality and cost-effectiveness was essential to their success.

The Solution

They made the smart decision to rely on recruitment outsourcing services and partnered up with Bionic Talent- one of the top marketing recruitment agencies. This not only saved them the in-house hiring budget but also significantly reduced overhead costs, as global marketing recruitment agencies like ours focus specifically on cutting costs by up to 80%. 

Our team started on a collaborative journey to identify top-tier talent at an unparalleled value. We identified a candidate with a proven track record in marketing leadership and project management through meticulous screening and assessment.

Meet Jess

Enter Jess from Argentina, our selected candidate, whose expertise perfectly aligned with the agency’s objectives. Jess had previously worked at a local marketing agency and dealt with multiple US-based clients regularly.  With extensive experience in marketing leadership and project management as well as a good cultural fit, Jess was chosen as the ideal candidate to spearhead the agency’s initiatives.

Jess’ Role:

As the Marketing Lead, Jess played a pivotal role in optimizing project efficiency, with key responsibilities including:

  • Developing comprehensive marketing strategies aligned with client objectives and industry trends.
  • Leading both the design and marketing teams fostering collaboration and driving project execution.
  • Monitoring project performance metrics and leveraging data-driven insights to optimize processes and workflows.
  • Maintaining regular communication with clients to ensure alignment and satisfaction throughout project lifecycles.

The Impact:

By hiring Jess, the agency achieved a remarkable improvement in project efficiency, with productivity increasing by almost 35%. Jess’s strategic leadership and collaborative approach enabled the agency to deliver exceptional results for clients while maintaining cost efficiency.

The Cost-Efficient Advantage:

While the average salary for a Marketing Lead in the industry typically exceeds $95K per year, the agency secured Jess’s services at an unprecedented cost of $1,800 per month. This represents a significant reduction in hiring costs while maximizing the impact of Jess’s expertise.

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