Explore the successful journey of a marketing recruitment agency as it aids its clients in going back to the basics. Our client is a digital marketing agency looking to expand its SEO team through targeted hiring of content writers specializing in keyword integration and long-form article creation, ultimately doubling project efficiency. With a focus on cultural fit and budget-consciousness, Bionic Talent facilitated the recruitment of three talented individuals, propelling the agency towards unparalleled success.

The Client

Our client, a forward-thinking digital marketing agency, faced a formidable challenge as project demand surged, leading to an overload within the marketing teams. Recognizing the need to expand, the agency decided to start from the basics, and their first move was to expand SEO teams to augment their content creation capabilities. The client discussed their budget and the workload with us and eventually decided to hire three content writers. 

The Challenge

The client faced a dual challenge of finding three content writers with the requisite skills and seamlessly integrated into the agency’s team culture. Additionally, while expansion was imperative to meet growing project demands, the agency was constrained by a limited budget, necessitating a cost-effective hiring solution.

The Solution

Partnering with Bionic Talent- one of the best marketing recruitment agencies, the client devised a strategy to identify and recruit content writers capable of enhancing SEO effectiveness through keyword integration and SEO-focused writing. By leveraging our extensive network and expertise in recruitment, we tailored a solution that aligned with the client’s objectives, focusing on sourcing talent from regions with favorable cost structures without compromising on quality.

The Candidates

Bionic Talent provided the client with five outstanding profiles, of which the client selected 3 candidates.


Specializing in keyword integration and SEO optimization, Sarah was hired as the lead content planner for the agency. Her ability to research and create engaging long-form articles tailored to client requirements has significantly enhanced the agency’s content creation capabilities. With a keen eye for detail and a knack for identifying trending topics, Sarah has played a pivotal role in elevating the agency’s SEO performance.


A seasoned content writer with long-term experience in digital marketing, John’s expertise lies in writing compelling narratives that resonate with target audiences. He was hired as a content writer by the agency. His proficiency in SEO best practices and keyword research has bolstered the agency’s content strategy, driving increased organic traffic and improving search engine rankings. John’s collaborative approach and proactive attitude have made him an invaluable asset to the team.


Bringing a unique perspective to the agency, Olga combines her technical prowess with a creative flair to deliver impactful content solutions. Her ability to distill complex concepts into accessible, engaging content has enriched the agency’s content portfolio. With a background in tech, Olga was hired as the lead content writer and worked primarily on the tech-facing clients of the agency. Olga has contributed to the agency’s reputation for delivering high-caliber content that drives tangible results for clients.

The Impact

The strategic hiring of Sarah, John, and Olga has yielded tangible results for the agency, driving significant improvements in project efficiency and SEO performance. By upsizing the overloaded SEO team and enhancing content creation capabilities, the agency has experienced a twofold increase in project efficiency, enabling it to meet growing client demands effectively.

The Cost

With an average salary of $96,000 annually for content writers in the USA, hiring Sarah, John, and Olga at $1,200 per month each represents substantial cost savings for the agency. This innovative approach has allowed the agency to expand its team while adhering to budgetary constraints, demonstrating the efficiency and value of strategic hiring. Overall, the agency saved around 80k/year on average for each candidate.

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