Join us on another successful journey as we explore exactly how we assisted our client with making another excellent hire and saved more than 70% in yearly overhead costs. Hiring with global marketing recruitment agencies is one of the most cost-effective ways of cutting costs.

The Client:

Our client is an innovative digital marketing agency specializing in catering to local businesses, including those in the construction, home maintenance, and real estate sectors. With a focus on providing tailored marketing solutions to enhance brand visibility and drive customer engagement, the agency serves as a strategic partner for businesses seeking to thrive in their respective industries.

The Challenge:

In their mission to expand their creative team and meet the growing demands of their diverse clientele, the agency faced the challenge of finding a skilled graphic designer who could effectively craft compelling branding and advertising content. With a specific emphasis on experience in creating marketing collateral and landing pages, the agency sought a candidate who could seamlessly integrate into their collaborative environment and contribute to the development of innovative marketing campaigns.

Here’s the twist- they specifically wanted a designer with previous experience in digital marketing for the home services niche. This was to ensure the candidate could communicate and deliver exactly what was best for the clients and their target audiences.  

The Solution:

Recognizing the potential of tapping into global talent pools to fulfill their hiring needs, the agency opted to explore opportunities for recruitment beyond traditional local avenues. Through strategic collaboration with us, an international marketing recruitment agency, they started the process of identifying their exact requirements. 

Once done, we started scrounging for the top-tier talent capable of meeting their requirements while offering cost-effective solutions.

Meet Amy:

Enter Amy, a talented graphic designer from South Africa, whose extensive experience in creating branding and advertising content for local businesses immediately caught the attention of the agency. With a proven track record of delivering impactful design solutions tailored to the unique needs of diverse clientele, Amy emerged as the perfect candidate to join the agency’s creative team.

Amy’s Expertise and Impact:

As the newly appointed graphic designer, Amy wasted no time in making her mark within the agency. Her expertise in crafting visually stunning marketing collateral and landing pages proved instrumental in elevating the agency’s creative output and strengthening its brand identity across various platforms. 

Amy’s contributions extended beyond mere design aesthetics, as she played a pivotal role in conceptualizing and executing innovative marketing campaigns that resonated with the agency’s target audience.

With her keen eye for detail and unwavering commitment to excellence, Amy seamlessly integrated into the agency’s collaborative environment, fostering synergistic relationships with team members and stakeholders alike. Her ability to translate conceptual ideas into visually captivating assets not only enhanced the agency’s competitive edge but also positioned them as a preferred partner for local businesses seeking impactful marketing solutions.

The Cost:

Despite the average salary for a graphic designer in the US exceeding $72,000 per year, the agency secured Amy’s services at a fraction of the cost, with a monthly salary of $1,200. This significant cost-saving measure allowed the agency to allocate resources more efficiently, thereby maximizing the value of Amy’s expertise and contributions to their creative endeavors.

By embracing the power of global talent and leveraging the strategic marketing recruitment agency’s services, the client successfully addressed its hiring needs while optimizing operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Amy’s appointment not only enriched the agency’s creative capabilities but also underscored the transformative impact of embracing diversity and tapping into global talent pools to drive success in the digital marketing landscape.

Experience the Difference:

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