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Our Client

Our latest success story features a fast-growing digital marketing agency struggling with the challenges of rapid expansion and the need for better management efforts for ongoing projects.

Their Challenge

As the agency experienced unprecedented growth, the demand for effective project management reached new heights. However, being a young company, they were keen on optimizing costs without compromising quality. Additionally, the agency recognizes the potential of diversity and the creativity it can bring to the team. In a digital era where much of the work can be managed remotely, the challenge was clear:

Hire an experienced digital project manager who not only excels in project management but also fits within budget constraints.

The Solution

The agency partnered with Bionic Talent, leveraging our expertise as one of the best marketing recruitment agencies, to hire a remote digital project manager. We delved into understanding the agency’s work culture, project management needs, and specific requirements for the role. 

The hiring process kicked off promptly, with a meticulous screening process of candidates possessing expertise in digital project management.

We presented the agency with a curated shortlist of the top three candidates. After final interviews, Camila emerged as the ideal choice, perfectly aligning with their team.

Meet the New Digital Project Manager, Camila

Our selected candidate, Camila, brings valuable experience from Argentina to her role as a Digital Project Manager for the agency. With an established track record in project management and an intellectual understanding of the technicalities of digital marketing, Camila is poised to optimize project workflows and enhance collaboration within the team.

Camila’s Role in Streamlining Our Client’s 3 Major Projects

Camila brought transformative change to the agency. From the start, Camila demonstrated an exceptional ability to manage a workforce and get results within the agency. Her organized approach and effective communication not only improved project timelines but also marked a significant shift in how projects were handled, allowing the team to focus on delivering top-notch digital marketing services.

In a short time, Camila has revolutionized their approach to client projects. From day one, she brought a profound change in how they handle projects. Camila’s influence allows the team to concentrate on delivering unparalleled digital marketing services, marking a new era of operational efficiency and client satisfaction.

The Cost

Camila was hired at a competitive rate of $1,200 per month, translating to a strategic investment that redefines cost efficiency. In annual terms, this amounts to $14,400, presenting a stark contrast to the average $150,000 per year salary for a Digital Project Manager in the US. 

The result? A substantial 90% reduction in costs, empowering the agency to allocate resources strategically and fortify its financial position.

Camila’s contribution not only enhanced project management efficiency but also delivered remarkable savings, marking a paradigm shift in the agency’s financial landscape.

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