Take a look at another one of our success stories. We worked with our clients to find them a local SEO expert who had long-term experience and knowledge of a highly specific target audience. Partnering up with a digital marketing recruitment agency for law nich out client successfully hired a candidate that has taken their business to the next level. Here’s what happened. 

The Client:

Our client is a thriving digital marketing agency specializing in providing tailored local SEO solutions to businesses operating within the legal niche. Their clients are local law firms that aid people with varying legal matters from immigration to lawsuits and more With a focus on targeting specific audiences within local markets, the agency is committed to delivering impactful SEO strategies that enhance visibility and drive organic traffic for its clientele.

The Challenge:

As the agency sought to refine its local SEO offerings further and cater to the unique needs of clients within the legal niche, it encountered the challenge of finding a specialist who could navigate local targeting while possessing specific expertise in the legal industry. 

With a desire to enhance their team with a local SEO manager capable of driving targeted results for their local clientele, the agency sought to identify top-tier talent with a proven track record in both areas.

The Solution:

Recognizing the importance of finding a candidate who could effectively bridge the gap between local SEO tactics and the nuances of the legal niche, the agency turned to a strategic recruitment channel to identify potential candidates. They decided to pair up with an overseas marketing recruitment agency to find the best candidate at the best price.

Meet Luca:

Enter Luca from Chile. He is the dedicated local SEO specialist handpicked to lead the agency’s efforts in targeting specific audiences within the legal niche. With a wealth of experience in implementing effective local SEO strategies and a profound understanding of the legal industry, Luca brought a unique perspective and invaluable insights to the agency’s dynamic team.

Luca’s Expertise and Impact

In his role as the agency’s local SEO manager, Luca spent little time making a significant impact and exceeding expectations. Leveraging his deep understanding of local search algorithms and his specific knowledge of the legal industry, Luca adeptly tailored SEO strategies to target local audiences seeking legal services effectively.

Luca’s proactive approach to keyword research, content optimization, and local business listings optimization proved instrumental in elevating the agency’s clients’ online visibility within their respective local markets. Whether optimizing website content for specific legal services or fine-tuning Google My Business profiles for maximum exposure, Luca’s strategic guidance and meticulous attention to detail consistently delivered tangible results for the agency’s clientele.

The Cost:

Despite the average monthly salary for a local SEO manager in the US reaching around $6,000, the agency secured Luca’s services at a monthly salary of $1,200. This significant cost-saving measure not only allowed the agency to allocate resources more efficiently but also maximized the value of Luca’s expertise and contributions to their local SEO initiatives.

Experience the Difference of Strategic Hiring

Luca’s appointment by our marketing recruitment agency- Bionic Talent- exemplifies the transformative impact of strategic hiring decisions in driving targeted results and delivering unparalleled value to clients within the legal niche.

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