Here’s how Bionic Talent catered to the unique needs of a US-based SaaS startup by connecting them with a seasoned SEO manager from Ukraine.

New here? At Bionic Talent- one of the fastest-growing marketing recruitment agencies in the US, our mission is to connect exceptional talent with companies around the world, helping them thrive. We’ve been the driving force behind countless success stories, matching businesses with top-tier professionals at a fraction of the cost. Read on to discover another triumph in our client’s journey.

The Client and their Challenge:

Our latest success story involves a dynamic SaaS service looking to bolster its online presence through strategic SEO management. This forward-thinking company sought a skilled SEO manager who could navigate the complexities of online visibility, drive organic traffic, and enhance its digital footprint.

As with any other startup, the client wanted to maintain a low budget while not wanting to compromise on the quality of work.

The Solution:

Enter Bionic Talent – your gateway to outsourcing recruitment services. We collaborated closely with our client, understanding their unique requirements and non-negotiables. Armed with this insight, we delved into our extensive database of over 400 candidates and tapped into our vast network of marketing recruitment agencies, rigorously screening, assessing, and interviewing potential candidates.

After presenting the client with a shortlist of the top three candidates, they conducted final interviews, ultimately selecting the perfect fit for their team.

Meet the New SEO Manager, Catherine

Our chosen candidate, Catherine, hails from Ukraine and brings a wealth of experience to her role as an SEO Manager. With a proven track record of optimizing digital strategies and improving online visibility, Catherine is poised to lead our client’s SEO initiatives to new heights. Her skill set includes keyword research, on-page optimization, proficiency in SEO tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs and Google Analytics, and a deep understanding of the ever-evolving landscape of search engine algorithms.

What Does Catherine Do?

  • Develop and implement effective SEO strategies.
  • Conduct comprehensive keyword research.
  • Optimize website content for search engines.
  • Monitor and analyze website performance metrics.
  • Stay updated on industry trends and algorithm updates.

The Cost:

Catherine joined the team as a full-time, remote SEO Manager, contributing 160 hours of dedicated work per month. The cost? An unbeatable $1,500 – equating to just $9.38 per hour. Our client now has a highly efficient and experienced member of their team without breaking the bank.

Looking to Elevate Your Team?

If you’re on the lookout to hire digital marketing talent like Catherine to enhance your team’s capabilities at a fraction of the usual cost, look no further. Bionic Talent- a marketing recruitment agency- specializes in connecting businesses with global remote talent across various roles, from SEO management to virtual assistants, marketing, operations, project management, creatives, development, accounting, and beyond. 

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