Join us on our successful journey with a rapidly expanding digital marketing agency as they strategically recruit an Executive Assistant from Ukraine, to support their Director. Witness how they enhanced their operational efficiency and saved almost 40k per year in overhead costs.

The Client:

Our client, a dynamic digital marketing agency experiencing exponential growth, identified the pressing need for dedicated support for their Director. With a strategic focus on scaling operations and optimizing productivity, they decided to hire an Executive Assistant capable of streamlining administrative tasks and driving organizational success. The director primarily required assistance with organizing in-house operations and managing daily communications and calendars.

The Challenge:

The main challenge here was to reduce costs while boosting efficiency. However, the client also preferred an assistant who had previously worked in marketing or other agencies and knew the ins and outs of the agency culture. They wanted to find an effective solution while maintaining minimum overhead costs.

The Solution:

Having experienced previous successful hires with our marketing recruitment agency, the client, mindful of their previous achievements with overseas recruitment and the location of their entire team outside the US, decided to partner with us once again. Collaborating closely with Bionic Talent, the agency embarked on a mission to identify and hire overseas talent at a fraction of the cost. Through meticulous recruitment efforts, they discovered Millie, a highly skilled Executive Assistant from Ukraine, whose expertise seamlessly aligned with their requirements.

Meet Millie:

Enter Millie, the proficient Executive Assistant from Ukraine handpicked to support the agency’s Director. With a keen eye for detail and a proactive approach, Millie is pivotal in optimizing administrative processes and facilitating the Director’s focus on strategic endeavors crucial for business expansion.

Millie’s Impact:

As the Director’s Executive Assistant, Millie runs seamless operations and enhances workflow efficiency. Her proactive communication and meticulous organization empower the Director to allocate time and resources effectively, driving the agency toward its growth objectives.

With her keen attention to detail and proactive approach, Millie optimizes workflow efficiency, enabling tasks to be completed promptly and effectively. Her proactive communication skills facilitate efficient collaboration between team members and departments, fostering synergy and cohesion. By assisting the Director in managing time and resources effectively, Millie contributes to the strategic allocation of resources towards achieving the agency’s growth objectives

The Cost:

While the average salary for an Executive Assistant in the US is up to $60,000 annually, with our marketing recruitment agency’s help, the client secured Millie’s unparalleled expertise at a remarkable cost of $800 monthly. This significant reduction in hiring costs underscores the agency’s commitment to maximizing value while minimizing expenditure.

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