Discover how Bionic Talent played a pivotal role in aiding a serial entrepreneur’s growth by onboarding two highly skilled appointment setters from Cape Town, South Africa, each contributing to the team’s success.

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The Client and their Challenge:

In this case, our client, a serial entrepreneur with multiple successes under his belt, faced the challenge of expanding his client base. To achieve this, he required skilled appointment setters who could effectively communicate his firm’s offerings and secure valuable meetings with potential clients.

However, budget constraints were a key consideration, prompting the client to seek a cost-effective solution without compromising on talent.

The Solution:

Enter Bionic Talent, your trusted partner in outsourcing recruitment services. We engaged closely with the client, understanding his specific needs and priorities. Leveraging our extensive network and database of over 400 candidates, we meticulously screened, assessed, and interviewed potential appointment setters, ensuring they possessed the skills necessary to excel in the role.

Presenting the client with a curated shortlist of the top three candidates, he conducted final interviews, ultimately choosing two exceptional appointment setters perfectly aligned with his firm’s objectives.

Meet the New Appointment Setters, Annika and Dlamini

Our selected candidates, Annika and Dlamini, both from Cape Town, South Africa, bring a wealth of experience to their roles as appointment setters. With proven track records in effectively engaging clients, they are poised to contribute significantly to our client’s expansion goals. Their skill set includes persuasive communication, relationship building, and a strategic approach to appointment setting. They also have experience in handling vastly different niches, which is always a plus when you’re looking to invest in the latest innovations.

What Do Annika and Dlamini Do?

  • Engage in strategic communication with potential clients.
  • Articulate the unique value propositions of the serial entrepreneur’s ventures.
  • Secure and schedule meaningful appointments with key stakeholders.
  • Implement thorough follow-up strategies to nurture and sustain valuable client relationships.

The Cost:

Annika and Dlamini joined the firm as full-time appointment setters, each dedicating 160 hours per month. Remarkably, the cost for each setter was a budget-friendly $2,000, translating to just $12.50 per hour. The firm now boasts a dynamic and efficient team, seamlessly managing outreach efforts within its budgetary constraints.

Ready to Enhance Your Team?

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