Note: This case study is based on real events, including accurate cost figures. We’ve omitted the client’s and the candidate’s names to maintain privacy. The information provided underscores the genuine success achieved while maintaining confidentiality.

Discover the remarkable success story of an innovative law firm that strategically boosted its growth by optimizing hiring costs for a pivotal role – Appointment Setter. This incredible transformation was made possible through the partnership with Bionic Talent- a marketing recruitment agency, your dedicated ally in reshaping workforces for optimal performance at minimum cost.

Our Client

Our client is an innovative law firm with the majority of its operational workforce operating remotely. Focused on expanding its client base, the firm approached Bionic Talent with a crucial objective: to find an appointment setter who would efficiently approach potential clients and set appointments with its lawyers. Being a semi-remote entity, the client sought a cost-effective solution that would seamlessly integrate into its innovative work culture.

The Challenge

The client faced the dual challenge of enhancing its client outreach and appointment-setting capabilities while being mindful of the budget constraints associated with hiring for such a critical role. The need was to find a candidate who not only had experience working in the legal sector but also demonstrated proficiency in appointment setting and client engagement.

The Solution

The client decided to partner with us – Bionic Talent – to access highly skilled individuals globally at a fraction of the usual cost. We collaborated closely with the client to understand their unique requirements. Our proposal aimed at finding a candidate with a strong legal background, coupled with extensive experience in appointment setting.

Our objective was to identify a candidate who could effectively approach potential clients, understand their legal needs, and seamlessly schedule appointments with the firm’s lawyers.

Meet Our Candidate

Enter Rose-Anne, our selected candidate from Lima, Peru, bringing a wealth of legal experience and a proven track record as an appointment setter. With a background as a paralegal, personal assistant to a lawyer, and three years of experience as an appointment setter, Rose-Anne proved to be the ideal fit for this critical role.

Rose-Anne’s Role in the Firm

Rose-Anne plays a pivotal role in optimizing the law firm’s client engagement strategy, focusing on the following key responsibilities:

  • Drawing from her experience as a paralegal, Rose-Anne possesses a deep understanding of legal intricacies, enabling her to engage potential clients in meaningful conversations about their legal needs.
  • Leveraging her three years of experience as an appointment setter, Rose-Anne excels at approaching potential clients, understanding their requirements, and efficiently scheduling appointments with the firm’s lawyers.
  • Ensuring a seamless and positive experience for potential clients, facilitating effective communication and building trust in the firm’s services.

In just over 2 months, the company has seen more than 30% growth, and have gained 4 major long-term clients with Rose-Anne’s help.

The Cost

The average cost for hiring an appointment setter with legal experience in the USA is approximately $50,000 per year. By hiring Rose-Anne at $1,600 per month, the law firm experiences a significant reduction in hiring costs, achieving remarkable savings of more than 60% compared to the expense of hiring locally.

This innovative approach not only addressed the client’s growth challenges but also revolutionized their cost structure, showcasing the efficiency and innovation that a marketing recruitment agency like Bionic Talent brings to the recruitment process.

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