Here’s how Bionic Talent met the unique needs of a US-based Web Development Agency by connecting them with a highly skilled Graphic Designer from Indonesia.

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The Client’s Challenge:

Our client, a renowned web development agency in the US, sought to enrich their remote team with a graphic designer who could bring a fresh perspective. The goal was clear – to secure a talented Graphic Designer who could contribute innovative concepts and designs and must have adequate knowledge of web development so as to understand our client’s work culture.

Here’s the catch! The client wanted to focus on skills and expertise, not confined by geographical boundaries.

From there, they hired us! And Bionic Talent embarked on a mission to find the perfect remote employee, as we always do.

How Bionic Talent Made a Difference:

Bionic Talent initiated an extensive search for the perfect Graphic Designer in Indonesia. Our client’s requirements were meticulously considered, ensuring that the selected candidate possessed exceptional design skills and aligned with the Agency’s creative vision.

Who did They Hire?

Bionic Talent helped them hire Sara- a certified Graphic Designer from Indonesia. Sara brought a unique blend of creativity and expertise, along with a basic understanding of web development, to the table. Bionic Talent’s robust candidate database and extensive network facilitated the discovery of Sara, showcasing the depth of our global reach.

Sara seamlessly integrated into the Web Development Agency, bringing her flair for creative design to every project. Her contributions surpassed expectations, enhancing the Agency’s ability to deliver captivating and innovative solutions to clients. Here’s how she contributes to the Agency now;

  • Designing engaging and innovative website layouts
  • Collaborating with the development team for seamless integration of design elements
  • Implementing design strategies to enhance user experience and navigation
  • Conducting regular design audits to optimize website aesthetics and functionality
  • Keeping abreast of industry trends to incorporate cutting-edge design elements into projects

The Cost

Sara was hired at an incredibly cost-effective rate of $900 per month for a full-time, remote position. With 160 hours of dedicated work each month, this translates to a remarkable $5.6 per hour. A testament to Bionic Talent’s commitment to delivering superheroes like Sara at unmatched affordability.

Considering Expanding your Remote Team?

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