Note: This case study is based on real events, including accurate cost figures. We’ve omitted the client’s and the candidate’s names to maintain privacy. The information provided underscores the genuine success achieved while maintaining confidentiality.

Explore the success story of an avant-garde marketing agency that not only addressed a unique staffing challenge but also achieved remarkable cost savings through strategic hiring. They achieved all that by hiring one of the premium digital marketing agencies in the US- Us! We are Bionic Talent- your dedicated partner in reshaping the workforce for optimal performance.

Our Client

Our spotlight is on a cutting-edge marketing agency that approached Bionic Talent with a distinctive challenge. They aimed to fill two crucial roles – Social Media Marketing and Onboarding Specialist – within a tight budget while ensuring the workload justified the hiring of two full-time employees.

The client has only been established for 2 years now but is growing rapidly. And like all other marketing agencies, they prioritize efficiency and minimum cash outflow. They decided to hire marketing recruitment agencies that operate globally.

The Challenge

The client’s predicament was two-fold. First, they needed to minimize costs without compromising the quality of talent. Second, the workload for both roles wasn’t substantial enough to warrant hiring two separate full-time employees. They were in search of a solution that would allow them to maximize efficiency and maintain financial prudence simultaneously.

The Solution

They turned to Bionic Talent for innovative solutions. We collaborated closely with the client to understand their unique requirements and challenges and propose a unique solution. To find a candidate with a diverse professional background who has experience working in both niches.

Our objective was clear – find a candidate who could seamlessly blend both roles and deliver exceptional results.

Meet Elena: a Social Media Marketing and Onboarding Specialist

Enter Elena, our selected candidate from Argentina, whose skill set perfectly matched the client’s needs. Elena brought a wealth of experience in both Social Media Marketing and Onboarding, making her an ideal fit for this hybrid role.

Elena’s comprehensive expertise and innovative approach to her work made her an invaluable asset to the agency. Hired at a competitive rate of $800 per month, Elena seamlessly manages the responsibilities of both a Social Media Marketing Specialist and an Onboarding Specialist.

Elena’s Role at the Agency:

Elena seamlessly integrates her expertise as an In-House Onboarding Specialist and a Social Media Marketing Specialist for one of the agency’s key clients. Her dynamic role involves a range of responsibilities, showcasing her versatility and impact on the agency’s success:

In-House Onboarding Specialist:

  • Facilitates smooth onboarding processes for new team members within the agency.
  • Acts as a point of contact for new employees, addressing queries and providing support during the onboarding journey.

Social Media Marketing Specialist (Client-Facing):

  • Develops and executes strategic social media campaigns aligned with the client’s objectives.
  • Creates engaging content, including copy and visuals, to enhance the client’s online presence.
  • Monitors and analyzes social media performance, making data-driven recommendations for optimization.
  • Serves as the primary liaison between the agency and the client, ensuring clear communication and alignment with the client’s brand and goals.

The Cost

By combining two positions into one, the agency benefited from significant financial efficiency. The average salary for an Onboarding Specialist is $54,000 per year, and for a Social Media Marketing Specialist, it’s $55,000 annually.

With Elena’s strategic hiring at $800 per month, the agency now experiences a remarkable 91% reduction in hiring costs, compared to the expense of hiring two separate full-time specialists based in the US.

This groundbreaking approach by top-tier marketing recruitment agencies not only solved the client’s unique staffing challenge but also revolutionized their cost structure, exemplifying the efficiency and innovation that Bionic Talent brings to the recruitment process.

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