In today’s dynamic business world, companies are constantly searching for ways to reduce costs and streamline operations without compromising quality. Bionic Talent, an HR recruiter company that specializes in remote hiring, had another problem when a secret client requested a highly experienced graphic designer. Their explicit goal was to find the perfect candidate for a fraction of the cost compared to the US market.

Why Hiring from Pakistan is a Smart Choice for Our Client

Companies worldwide are discovering that outsourcing to Pakistan offers strategic advantages. Pakistan is home to a large pool of highly skilled professionals who may be employed for a fraction of the typical salary, particularly in the IT and design sectors. With the current favorable exchange rate, the US dollar is more valuable and hence a more cost-effective option for US enterprises.

  • The client’s pain:

Our client, a growing US-based company, needed a graphic designer but was having trouble finding one due to the exorbitant hiring costs in their area. The intense competition for talent and exorbitant salaries were putting a strain on their budget. They sought a solution that would supply the required information and be reasonably priced.

  • The Ideal Outcome:

Bionic Talent went above and beyond to find a top-notch graphic designer residing in Pakistan to meet the objectives of our client. This candidate had a stellar history, having created aesthetic graphic concepts for clients across the globe for more than five years. Their broad portfolio demonstrated a creative flair and meticulous attention to detail that was exactly in line with our client’s needs.

A Quantitative Analysis

  • Cost Savings: Our customer only had to pay $800 a month for the Pakistani graphic designer after choosing our solution, which allowed them to save a substantial sum of money. This resulted in a startling 80% labor cost savings versus hiring Americans locally.
  • Quality Control: Despite the lower costs, no quality was sacrificed. The designer consistently met and exceeded the client’s expectations by delivering excellent work on time and within budget.
  • Savings Compared to Local Hiring: Our customer determined that they could save, on average, $56,500 annually by outsourcing their graphic design needs to Pakistan.

At Bionic Talent, we believe that top talent from around the globe is accessible and affordable for any kind of business. Our case study demonstrates how a well-selected remote employee may save you money and provide significant benefits to your company. To unlock the potential of global talent, contact Bionic Talent immediately. Please let us help you find the best job opportunity. Don’t miss this opportunity to reduce costs and enhance your crew’s abilities.

Download Our Overseas Salary Guide

As they say, the proof is in the pudding. We have invested hundreds of hours in researching this guide and utilizing our past hiring data to bring you the most comprehensive outlook of our core hiring locations with comparisons on how much you can save by hiring overseas talent with Bionic Talent.
We have covered the following countries in the guide: the USA, Philippines, Pakistan, South Africa, Kenya. We continue to add more as our global presence expands.
We have covered the following positions in the guide:

  • Social Media Specialists
  • SEO Specialists
  • Graphic Designers
  • Digital Marketing Specialists
  • Wordpress Specialists
  • Paid Ads Specialists
  • Agency Operations Specialists

More positions get added to the guide regularly

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